Top Night Vision Brands

Night vision devices continue to further develop in technology as each day passes, while different brands continue to strive to perfect the design of the night vision devices. Each different brand strives for improving the performance of each of their night vision device while in the meantime offering affordable prices to the user as well as differentiating themselves ‘’from the crowd’’ which is mainly just the numerous other night vision brands.

Here is the top listed night vision brands that have proven their capability in delivering top-notch night vision devices on affordable prices.


Founded with one main purpose in mind – adapting to the needs of the users of the night vision devices, Sightmark was introduced on a SHOT show way back in 2007 in a main response of the growing popularity of night vision devices back then, mainly in the modern shooting market. The goal that Sightmark has set to themselves was to provide top-notch night vision optics and accessories to modern rifles, shotguns and pistols while being as accurate as possible.

Shortly, the beginning of Sightmark was with the pure intent of improving the performance of rifles during the night time. In addition, each of Sightmark’s first products was designed for the core market of rifle shooting, enabling the hunters/shooters to get their hands on more high quality night vision devices and accessories to add to their firearms with the purpose of hunting, home defense or even competitive shooting.

Back in 2011 was when Sightmark became an official company. Then, in 2011, a 33,000 square-foot headquarter was completed, located in Mansfield, Texas. This was the start of the company Sightmark. They combined the company’s corporate offices and a large warehouse to be able to handle the increase in sensitive-material technology being produced. Their spacious headquarters provided them with more space for research, development, production and the distribution of defense-related night vision products.

Sightmark later started developing, widening its circle in the industry of night vision devices. They started perfecting the designs of red dot sights, riflescopes and chamber-laser bore sights. In Sightmark, more than one million bore-sights are currently in use since their first release in the market.  Currently, Sightmark is seen as the leading market, while it continues to grow in more than 40 countries with many quality retailers in every single state.

Sightmark’s price range is very flexible for the budget of almost every user that needs a night vision device. The Sightmark’s price range varies from around 200 USD for a monocular device going up to 650 USD, depending on the additional features desired by the user, for a top-notch rifle-scope.

Sightmark’s best considered Monocular, based on user reviews, has got to be the Sightmark’s Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular. It is a hand-held device with an integrated IR illuminator as well as an automatic shutoff, when exposed to bright daylight. The Ghost hunter is very lightweight and compact while in the meantime it is very durable and has a durable glass filled nylon composite housing.

The rifle-scope, with no compromises in performance, has got to be Sightmark’s Photon 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Rifle-scope. It combines both day and night possible usage while maintaining a very high resolution display and 6 reticle styles. It also has a very powerful built-in illuminator – 780 NM.

Night Owl

Night owl was founded back in 2009 and its headquarters are located in Florida. Night owl put researching night vision devices as their top-notch priority. This way they keep up with the wants and needs of night vision users while delivering the devices they need, to them. Through their years of designing and creating night vision devices, they came to a conclusion of two main points – the first is that users have and always will have high expectations about night vision devices.

The second main point that Night vision devices present a formidable challenge in always striving to meet those high expectations of the users, while maintaining a product with a budget-friendly price.

With their years of research, product developments, numerous field testings and quality engineering has further convinced Night owl that the only formula that can successfully face the challenges that we mentioned is simply Investment + Innovation equals the best products possible. Night owl optics’ price range is very flexible, but if the user seeks performance the top-notch devices of Night Owl can get pretty costly. The price range of Night Owl varies from 250 USD all the way up to 750 USD.

Night owl’s top notch monocular, even on a very budget friendly price, does not compromise in performance – Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50 Night Vision Monocular. It has very high quality optics as well as a very objective combination of ocular lenses. It offers 5X magnification, an angular field-of-view and is very lightweight and compact.

Luna Optics

Luna Optics is built upon numerous years of experience and was created way back in the 1990’s as a optic-oriented company. But for 1990’s, then was when anything and everything that was fresh and available to the customer was very exciting. Since then the times have changed and products have greatly evolved since then.

Today, the customers and users of night vision devices demand more and more with each day. Luna Optics has prepared themselves for this challenge and always deliver night vision devices without compromise in quality. Luna Optics are strong believers in honesty – not really talking about their products and saying how good they are, but mainly just rely on the users to speak about the company’s night vision device performance themselves.

Feedback is what is in the core of the Luna Optics. Of course there is always the chance that this feedback will not always be good – for Luna Optics a bad feedback is as useful as a good feedback as this way they know what needs to be changed and improved and what doesn’t. Luna Optics’ product that they are proud of and has great positive feedback has got to be the Luna Optics LN-DB60-HD Digital Night Vision Binoculars. It has a FULL-HD recording feature, WIFI capability, a built in infrared illuminator and is even Tripod Mountable while maintaining extremely high-quality resolution.

A wide variety of specifications that are crucial for a top-notch user experience and device performance. Luna Optics’ devices are in a very flexible price range – varying from 150 USD all the way up to 1000 USD and even above.

Yukon Tracker

Yukon tracker was started as an optic-oriented company way back in 1998 in Lithuania and as the years pass by spreads throughout the world with different headquarters. To this date, Yukon tracker has spread out to Belarus, Russia, Great Britain, United States of America, China and even Ukraine.

Yukon Tracker specializes in night vision devices just as well as they do in daytime devices and optics. They target a wide variety of users and customers with different needs for their preferred activities. Yukon Tracker offers top-notch devices for areas like exploring, hunting, fishing and nature enthusiasm with both day and night time devices.

Yukon Tracker differentiates itself from other companies with unique slim designs and very enhanced usability. Yukon Tracker also has an additional professional line of night vision optics and electro-optic devices with enhanced functionalities for those users that want a complete, serious and professional approach to their night vision devices. An example for their top-notch performance has got to be the model of Yukon’s NV 1×24 night vision goggles.

The Yukon NV goggles have a remarkable performance while maintaining a stable and budget friendly price as well as a high durability and a long battery life. With its multiply-coated optics, rubber armor protection and a modern ergonomic design that is a specialty for Yukon Tracker, you know that you are in safe hands with a device like this that won’t let you down. Yukon Tracker’s price range sets them out from other companies as they don’t really have that much budget friendly devices as they never compromise in performance. The price range of a Yukon Tracker’s device goes for around 500 USD.


Way back in 1992, Totti Lee, the owner of Solomark, established his small workshop for making basic adapters from Japan and China. During this period, Totti Lee’s work was to mainly design and manufacture accessories for Takahashi. Back then he won many different reputations in the astronomic fields while receiving many orders that where beyond his ability to fulfill them on time.

So for this reason, back in the 2000’s he started branching out his small workshop into the fields of Astrophography, Mount and other fields.  In 2008, the start and the ownership of the brand Solomark started – USA trademarked and copyrighted. Since then every single binocular or even Adapter Solomark has sold directly to customers, while maintaining the best shopping experience and customer service, made Solomark stand out from the crowd in the very beginning.

To this date, Solomark is famous for its very high quality products on very affordable and budget friendly prices, while they tend to strive for further improvement in the quality of service. A thing that is very important to them is for every user, happy with its item or not, to give feedback. This way there will be new opened doors for a higher stage of development and the further design of much more advanced devices.

Unlike the other companies, the item that stands out the most and is the most popular one is their budget monocular at the extreme affordable price of around 120 USD. Even though its price is so low, it doesn’t compromise in power and performance. It has multi-coated glass objectives, a high sensitivity sensor, integrated color LCD-Screen and a 3 level Infrared Illuminator. This device has got to be the best bang for your buck.


Pulsar is a brand that was first introduced back in 2008. Shortly after, Pulsar is credited with making the digital revolution a reality for the night vision industries and other companies and is now the global leader of night vision for outdoor and security activities. Pulsar actually has a history before this year 2008. Back in 1991 was when a group of engineers had the great idea of manufacturing wooden spotting scopes in a simple basement right when their people were emerging from oppression of the Soviet Union, Russia.

As you could probably tell, things where quite tough in the early years but those same engineers where a very dedicated team that dreamed of making devices that would enhance the lives of people by allowing them to have the opportunity to see and experience wonderful sights. In 1998 was when a combination of two companies, a Belorusian and American happened, which started to gain significant momentum in the optics industry. Then, by the end the following year, the company was producing very modern spotting scopes as well as different kinds of binoculars that were selling very well in Europe as well as the United States.

In 1999, the company started making their very first night vision devices as a start. The strategy was clear – exactly the same strategy they kept to this day. Investing into people and technology to create the most advanced optical systems in the world. Following this idea has brought them numerous accomplishments that were made in a short time span. Pulsar is also very flexible when it comes to price ranges and how their pricing varies. Starting from around 300 USD and could potentially go up to 1200 USD and even more, for a professional advanced night vision rifle optic.

The device that shows the best exactly who Pulsar are, has got to be the Pulsar Edge GS 1+ night vision device. It has an extremely durable battery life of more than 50 hours while having the capability of operating in extreme temperature going to crazy temperatures from -20 to -40 degrees while maintaining a top notch picture quality and performance.


Founded back in 2009, Firefield was created to face a crucible of a major economic downturn, which actually made it very difficult for hard-working professional shooters to purchase optics and additional accessories that where required to continue their passion for shooting and hunting. Through extensive research and surveillance of the targeted area, Firefield realized that many gun enthusiasts and beginner shooters where very unsatisfied with the performance and quality of their scopes as well as some night vision devices, used mainly for nighttime hunting. This is where Firefield strived to offer top-notch vision products while maintaining a wide variety of budget friendly choices.

Responding to the fast-growing interest in shooting sports as well as nighttime activities, Firefield began to form a new era for next-generation shooters and enthusiasts of the night vision world. A big part of Firefield’s customers grew up watching action-packed movies and series that encompassed tactical gear and special military-style weapons and accessories. Firefield’s optics and night vision gear wanted to bring all those technologies that their users watched on TV straight to them, on an adequate price without hindering performance quality durability.

Whether its home defense daytime and nighttime hunting – Firefield has it all and offers one thing – victory.  Their motto from the very start is ‘’ Train as you fight and you fight like you train and always push yourself and strive for improvements’’.

The product that proves that victory is everything for Firefield has got to be the Firefield NVRS 3×42 Night vision riflescope. This device offers to the users a very highly-concentrated 3-time magnification Lens, an ergonomic design Diameter and an impenetrable built-in Infrared Illuminator. The battery life of this device is something that was not compromised as it runs at more than 20 hours of battery life. Firefield is also a very budget friendly option for the night vision user. The price range of Firefield’s devices go from around 150 USD to 500 USD for a top notch device.


ATN’s start was back in 1995, Located in San Francisco. To this date, their strive for improvements has made them the leading Tech Optic company that is revolutionizing the night vision industry day by day. ATN is very proud to be the market-leading company and manufacturer of 4K Resolution Digital Smart Optics for both day and nighttime activities and operations, as well as a Smart-Thermal imaging technology that is used for those special and ultimate nighttime activities. The optics of ATN specialize in the spheres of hunters, outdoor enthusiasts just as good as they do in the spheres of military and law enforcement.

In 2018, ATN proudly introduced their 4th Generation line of products for both Daytime and Nighttime as well as a very revolutionized Thermal product line with remarkable designs. The new lines offered the users the technology of the fresh-on-the-market Obsidian 4 core with Dual Processor. A much improved image processing capability was offered with this technology while maintaining a lightning-fast performance and impenetrable durability.

The SMART-HD technology is in the heart of their technology from the very start of the brand and offers functions and capabilities that the world could only dreamed of years ago. Top-notch picture quality and resolution was always a strong point for ATN, even from the very start.

The device that proves the quality of ATN and speaks for itself has got to be the ATN X-SIGHT 4k Pro Day/Night rifle scope. An ultra HD device with superb optic capability, 120 FPS video recording, 18+ hours of battery life and a ballistic cover for impenetrable durability.

ATN has a flexible price range, starting from 150 USD and going all the way up to the further range of 1000+ USD.

Night Optics

Night Optics was founded in 2003 and to this date is widely recognized as an innovative industry that leads the way of competitively priced night vision products. The achievements of Night Optics are the result of a highly qualified and experienced developing team full of professionals.

Night Optics pride themselves and specialize in offering premium quality equipment at a competitive price, while chasing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. Their day-by-day evolving product line incorporates the latest technological developments and an end-user input.

Night Optics USA utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and principles in the design of their devices, while continuously putting them to the test for maximum quality, consistency and product efficiency. All of this results in one substantially improved product over other competitive brands. Night Optics has got to be one of the most self-critiqued brands out there.

They constantly challenge themselves to provide each and every customer with the right night vision and thermal system suited perfectly for his needs and activities. An experienced developing team, engineering and a law enforcement background is always in the core of the brand Night Optics, to be able to offer the adequate choice for every single night vision user that decides to choose Night Optics.

Night Optics’ devices are on the much higher of the price range. The devices that really stand out from other companies are the more expensive higher Generation devices. The price range of Night Optics is no joke but so is their performance for sure. A higher generation device from Night Optics would cost from 500 USD all the way up to 6000 USD and above.

The best rated and most feedback positive device for Nigh Optics has got to be the top-notch device in all spheres – Gladius 760 6x Gen 3 Gated+ rifle scope. It has a filmless tube technology and has extremely detailed magnifier of 6X without losing any picture quality if the user uses the magnifier to its extent. This device is extremely lightweight, completely waterproof and has a unique rugged military design. Gladius will definitely not let its user down even in the most extreme weather conditions.


Keep in mind that Armasight in Now FLIR.

Armasight was established as one of the first night vision sight companies back in 1978 to pioneer in the development of high-performance, budget friendly thermal imaging systems specializing in airborne applications. Thermal imaging systems that detect infrared energy or also called heat that is emitted by all living creatures, objects and materials. Armasight’s infrared cameras allow the user to operate in pitch black darkness, adversive and changing weather and air pollution like smoke, fog and haze.

Towards the end of the 1980’s Armasight began to channel its experience from infrared imaging systems to develop a hand-held laboratory tested devices that offer a variety of uses. Those devices required not only uncompromising picture quality, but also the ability to detect and measure temperature differences. This effort of Armasight fastened with the acquisition of the industrial infrared imaging organization from the Hughes Aircraft CO back in 1990.

In 2003, Armasight acquired the so called Indigo Systems, which are a leading developed as well as a supplier of a wide range of infrared imaging products which included cooled/uncooled infrared detectors and ready-to-use cameras.

Ever since then, Armasight has invested into numerous branches of markets, technologies and different products to expand its experience in different devices while offering its users the ability to cover all of their different needs and wants. Those points, that Armasight strives to improve on the daily basis even today, has enabled them to significantly grow in revenue as well as night vision unit volumes. This resulted in great cost reduction as well as a dramatic increase in customers and an increased awareness of the power of the thermal and night vision technologies as well.

The device that is the face and the proof of Armasight’s incredible performance with no compromises has got to be Nyx7-ID Night Vision goggles with improved definition. The Nyx7-ID goggles are a very lightweight, compact and rugged dual-ocular device that is built with very high grade materials and has a multi-layered glass optics and completely reliable electronics. The device measures out to 5.9 x 4 x 2.7 inches and weighs no more than 1 pound, which makes it the perfect pick for longer duration of usage while avoiding the possibility of neck muscle strains.

The device comes with a completely customizable and comfortable headgear that allows the user to easily flip the device up when he doesn’t need to use it at the moment. Apart from being a solely head-mounted device, The NYX7-ID can also even be used as a handheld or even helmet mounted device, if the user wants so. The rugged casing of the NYX7-ID provides its users with complete water and fog resistance.

Armasight’s price range varies greatly and never compromises in performance. The price range of Armasight starts from around 600 USD for a more budget friendly device, going all the way up to 2000 USD for a more professional approach on its devices.


EOC for short, or also called European Optic Company is a European night vision company that is located Dusseldorf, Germany. Compared to other worldwide brands, EOC is not on the market as long as them. EOC started operating in Germany back in 2009. EOC Specializes in infrared vision equipment and thermal vision technologies. EOC introduces a wide range of night vision equipment covering the areas of Night Vision monoculars, binoculars, multi-purpose systems and daytime optics.

EOC brings the latest technologies and innovations from the night vision world to Europe. EOC strives for the best quality available. The optical quality is considerably enhanced and improved day by day thanks to its exclusive-to-the-brand proprietary lens coatings. EOC offers the only scopes in the world that are covered with a special lens coating – Everlight and Proshield.

EOC has one main thing in mind and always strives for it from its very start – budget friendliness. The price range of EOC varies from 150 euro going up to around 500 euro for a budget friendly and uncompromising performance device. They also have a higher range of devices with the intent of a more professional use and approach that go for around 1500-2000 euro and up.

Exactly the strive for complete budget friendliness is what differentiates this company from the other worldwide night vision brands. EOC is aware of the financial position that Europe is in compared to the other world and the United States for example. EOC is completely aware that the budget of the average European by statistics will be much lower compared to the average United States citizen and for this purpose budget friendliness while maintaining top-notch performance is the key for EOC.


To be able to choose the brand that you wish your night vision device to be from, you have to always come prepared. From what activities you want to use your night vision device for, the need (or lack of) a more professional night vision approach or even mainly choosing the type of night vision brand based on your budget, coming prepared with an additional research will always be crucial for you to pick the adequate and perfect fit night vision for your activities.

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