Why Night Driving Glasses aren’t as bad as you think

For us humans, it can take more than 20 minutes for our eyes to be able to adapt with the darkness and be able to focus. Our eyes adjust this way by dilating the pupils or more so making them larger so that this way they can simply take in more light.

Although, a dilated pupil cannot change focus as quickly as expected and during this time of adaptation there is a great reduction in the ability for us humans to change focus between different objects, moving or not, that are close or far away. It also takes even additional time to focus between dark and light, if for example you put on the lights in your car and then immediately start driving and looking outside, in the pitch black.

This greatly impacts the driver’s sight and perception because unless you are living in the middle of a complete wilderness, you are inevitably going to encounter different streetlights or even oncoming headlights from the upcoming cars.

Those streetlights and headlights take a bit of time for the human eye to focus back to the road and the vision of the driver will be temporarily blurred because the pupils are as we mentioned ‘’dilated’’ to block out the upcoming or street light. Just as it takes a while for your eyes to adjust when you enter a dark room for example, it’s pretty much the same here, mixing both pitch black darkness with upcoming or street lights.

For this exact case and inevitable problem, the night vision glasses come into play, and they are not as bad as you think and definitely can help in some situations better than a naked eye.

Maybe your job requires you to take often nighttime trips or right before dawn. You might be a truck driver that very often hauls cargos at night for example. If you fall into those working-at-night categories or for one reason or another, take often trips from point A to point B during the night – the Night vision glasses can come in handy.

Night Vision glasses may not exactly work as they are marketed to – a top notch device that completely blocks out any and all streetlights and upcoming lights. It is marketed to completely remove the possibility of getting blinded by third-party lights. Unfortunately, this is not exactly the case. There is still the present possibility to get blinded by upcoming cars’s headlights and brighter than normal streetlights.

With that said, night vision glasses don’t only bring negative points to your sights and are not just a useless additional tool. They can definitely aid in long night time trips. Even though they do not COMPLETELY block out any third-party lights, they definitely help. The night vision glasses will help you, even if only a little bit, to not get blinded from upcoming lights and not have as much of a blurred vision if this happens.

Comparing night vision glasses with a naked eye nighttime trip, the one with a night vision glasses will definitely be much pleasant for the driver, much easier and much more relaxing to the eyes. Headlights will not be as bright as if you are without them, even ambient light from a bright moon will not hinder your sight as much and you will definitely not fatigue your eyes as much compared to not using night vision glasses.

With all of those factors mentioned, vision glasses can definitely not be useless and will add additional sight protection against blinding lights and eye fatigue

Night vision glasses worth looking into, if you are an often night-time driver.

Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite

If you want to feel very comfortable while driving at night and in the same time look very stylish, then these are the exact model of glasses for you. Those glasses don’t only offer a clearer vision while driving during the night, but they also add on your fashion thanks to their gold stainless steel frames.

A very good feature for the eagle’s night driving glasses is that they have an additional non-polarized lenses that have a special anti-reflective coating. They are very useful in filtering out brighter streetlights and upcoming headlights that can definitely affect our vision. The non-polarized technology that is used in the lenses of the Eagles Eye night vision glasses greatly enhances visual sharpness, maximum visual definition and maximum clarity during long-duration nighttime drives.

They have a micro-infused yellow tinted lenses with optical grade coating that absorbs most harmful lights and helps the driver focus on the road mainly, instead of getting distracted by different light sources. The scratch guards on both of the inner lenses helps to keep them perfectly stable and durable enough to last you a few years to say the least. The glasses are completely unisex and have an adjustable frame to fit the size of the head of any man or woman.

Highlighted features of the Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night-Lite

  • They have a light-absorbing antireflective lenses coating
  • They rely on a night-lite optical technology
  • They have a customizable and adjustable frame with a stainless steel coating

Bluepond Night Driving Glasses – Anti Glare HD Vision

In often situations, you may find yourself trying to maneuver through the roads in complete pitch-black darkness. The slightest glare of bright headlights, LED-lighted billboards and streetlights can be quite damaging and distracting to a fatigued eye. Thankfully, the Bluepoond night driving glasses will offer their users a solution at a very budget friendly price too.

Sometimes, the big question appears – do night driving glasses really work as they are intended to? The answer could be Yes; they can definitely help a night-time driver. Night driving glasses help reduce all glares and greatly increase contrast, which results in a much clearer and focused vision.

The Bluepond Night driving glasses are considered one of the best night driving glasses because they have all the features that one night-time driver would need. Their lenses like most night driving glasses, are yellow tinted. This is so because of their ability to filter out harmful blue light that is mainly produced by oncoming cars’s LED lights.

With the Bluepond Night driving glasses, their lenses are polarized and offer a very pleasant, comfortable and focused night-time driving trip. The lenses of the Bluepond glasses have the capability of blocking out up to 400 NM (nanometers) in wavelength. The lenses are resistant to hits, bumps and scratches thanks to their extremely-lightweight but durable polycarbonate material.

The frames of Bluepond glasses are semi-rimmed to offer the user a much wider field of vision, compared to the naked eye. You can choose from three color types – titanium, gold and black colors.

Highlighted Features of the Bluepond Night Driving Glasses:

  • Yellow-tint seven-layer anti-headlight lenses
  • Classic Italian design
  • Durable and in the meantime lightweight metal construction with reinforced hinges
  • Semi-rimless design to not block your view but on the contrary – improve your view.

Blupond Night Driving Glasses

Unlike the already mentioned Bluepond, the Blupond night driving glasses are for users that love and chase the speed. The perfect fit for motorcycle riders. Enhancing your night vision to avoid any possible accidents, especially with a motorcycle, is crucial. These night vision glasses are one of the best night driving glasses that you will need if you are in love with faster speeds but still want to maintain a clear and focused vision to avoid possible accidents.

The Blupond night driving glasses can be worn at any time – for simple outdoor activities or for motorcycle high-speed trips. The Blupond night driving glasses are extremely lightweight and this makes up for a completely effortless and non-fatigue wear. The hinges with a spring-load provide impact resistant stability and additional comfort. The metal frames of the Blupond glasses are completely resistant to possible and even inevitable drops – especially when you are on a motorcycle.

They provide its user with the usual yellow tinted lenses that filter out harmful blue lights no matter what their source is. The semi-rimless frames even further enhance the user’s view by providing them with a wide field-of-view.

Highlighted Features:

  • 400 UV Ultra glare
  • Designer semi-rimless frames which offer wider Field-of-sight.
  • Design that offers completely effortless wear and leaves you without any head fatigue
  • Ultra-thin semi-polarized lens

Duduma Polarized Sports Men’s sunglasses

These glasses are definitely the real deal when we are talking about glasses that are polarized and suitable for different sports. Gold, cricket, outdoor volleyball, basketball – you name it. These glasses give the user an additional layer of eye protection while maintain a very fashionable look.

The night vision lens helps improve color clarity and offers the user complete focus on the most important thing- the road. The polarized black lenses restore true color and filters out any excess glares from third parties. Their soft nose pad and earpieces made of rubber offer an all-day comfort.

Their special 596 yellow-tint frame is super light and you can even hardly feel that your glasses are on. Their lightweight is the result of combining innovative materials with advanced lens technology. Even that they are very lightweight, their frames are very durable and made of flexible materials to fit the size of each user’s head perfectly.

Highlighted Features of Duduma Polarized Sports Men’s sunglasses

  • Lifetime breakage warranty and thirty-day guarantee to get your money back
  • Adjustable nose-pad stylish, durable and very comfortable
  • Lightweight frame for optimal fit during high-intensity outdoor activities.
  • TAC polarized lens with a 100% UV-light protection and anti-glare technology

Duco Yellow Night-vision glasses

Even the most experienced and professional drivers can tell you that a pair of night-time driving glasses can definitely come in handy. When bright light from upcoming cars’s headlights glare onto a naked eye, it can definitely get potentially dangerous and you get blinded almost always for a slight second.

This slight second is more than enough for potential accidents to happen unfortunately. A pair of the Duco Yellow Night-vision glasses will offer a sharp and clear vision even in the pitch-black night. It is definitely considered one of the best night-driving glasses due to their excellent combination of durable materials and quality and efficient lenses.

The lens offers a complete headlight, streetlight and ambient light protection. The yellow lens helps reduce glares and in the meantime enhances the contrast greatly when you drive for long periods during the night time.

Their frame is made out of Aluminium-magnesium components that are very strong and durable than standard metal frames. Duco are glasses that are definitely worth their money and deserve to be tried out.

Highlighted Features of the Duco Yellow-night vision glasses

  • TAC Lens which offer the user a UV400 anti-glare protection
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Aluminium-magnesium combination for the frame
  • Ultra-pure anti-glare yellow lenses

Soxick Night Polarized Glasses Unisex

If being fashionable and trendy is a big reason for choosing your night vision glasses without a compromise in performance, Soxick are the right glasses for you. The Soxick night driving glasses try their best to make their user’s night-time driving a breeze. If those glasses’ fashionable looks wont impress you then their performance definitely will.

Their polarized lenses do not only eliminate all glares but they in the meantime also reduce eye fatigue to a great extent. The lenses have an anti-reflective coating also – for additional protection. The glasses are made of very lightweight materials and are very adjustable. They can definitely fit any size and shape of the user’s head – no matter if the user is a man or a woman. The Soxick night vision glasses are made for one main purpose – offering their user a long-lasting fog free night vision.

The best part about this product is not only that it gives the user a 30-day return policy but they even offer a 180-day warranty to every single user that is convinced about their performance on paper but still wants to give them a try and decide if they like them.

With the Soxick glasses you don’t have to feel uneasy or scared about driving during a pitch-black or even foggy nights – these glasses will definitely get you covered.

Highlighted Features of the Soxick Night Polarized Unisex Glasses:

  • High quality polarized lenses
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Complete UV 400 protection against sun rays, upcoming headlight and brights and even brighter-than-normal ambient light
  • 30-day return policy combined with a 180-day testing period warranty

Soxick HD Polarized Anti-glare focused Safety Glasses

You do not have to compromise in safety when talking about night-time driving because of the vision problems that could occur. This Soxick HD polarized safety glasses will give their user a reason to never compromise in safety. Their unique features make them an excellent prescription-based night driving glasses.

These unisex glasses have a polarized lens that can filter out almost any glare no matter their source. Their yellow filter relieves eye strains by softening the harsh and bright lights to a great extent. It also helps enhance color contrast in areas where there is minimal light on the road and this way make the road appear much brighter.

The yellow lens makes these glasses perfect for higher intensity outdoor activities like night driving, cycling and much more. The combination of Aluminium and magnesium frame makes it very lightweight but without any compromise in its durability. They offer a high color resolution that reaches almost 100 % – 99,6 % to be completely exact.

The Soxick HD Polarized Anti-glare focused glasses weaken the dazzling harmful effect of bright car lights to an unbelievable extent. The warranty gives you an even more confident purchase and lets the user trust the brand completely with their warranty.

Highlighted Features of the Soxick HD Polarized Anti-glare focused glasses

  • Resin frame
  • Anti-reflective lens
  • German military-grade guarantee with a 45-day return combined with a 180-day warranty policy
  • Lens width of over 80 millimeters
  • HD driving glasses that have an Aluminium-magnesium frame and are the perfect choice for either high-intensity activities or if the main focus is the road


Even if the night vision glasses may not work exactly as they are marketed to, they can definitely help in longer night-time driving trips and can aid in the driver’s capability to see much clearer and pay more attention to the road for an overall safer nighttime trip.

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