Best Nigh Vision Long Range Security Cameras

In order to deal with the increased issues of terrorist attacks, bank robberies, street crimes and to protect the life of the general people and their assets, the need of the security cameras has increased. In the modern, advanced and technological world, there has been significant advancement could be observed in the segment of security cameras. The security cameras manufacturing companies like APEC, SPECO, Reolink, Zmodo and other similar companies have manufactured long range night vision cameras and with the help of these night vision and long-range security cameras, the security issues have controlled to some extent.

Following is the analysis of top 5 “Best Night Vision Long Range Security Cameras” available at Amazon and to measure the effectiveness and performance of the night vision long range security cameras, the outdoor security cameras has been selected. Because in the evaluation of the performance of night vision long range security cameras, outdoor cameras are the best choice because in indoor security cameras short range security cameras could also work, but in the outdoor security cameras, the range of the camera should be long.  

Smonet 4 CH Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

The first camera which has been selected is “Smonet 4 CH Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” manufactured by the Smonet company. In long range and night vision security cameras Smonet 4 CH is the latest and most demanding camera by the consumers.  The Smonet 4 has following features:

  • The capability of this camera is to “transmit video by 2.4 GHz Wireless Signal” which is the most in his security camera range and is also equal to the outdoor security cameras provided by other companies.
  • The second advance feature of this camera is that it enabled users of the camera to view Live Video. Further this camera has also featured to “Record Video and Playback Video” even it is possible at that time also when camera is not connected to the internet connection.  
  • This camera has also facility to view visuals, images and video on personal gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tabs but it will possible only when both devices will be connected to a proper internet connection.
  • The new features which have been introduced in this camera are image resolution which has been increased to “280*720, 3.6mm or 4mm Lens” CMOS image sensor has been installed, and range of the night vision of this camera has increased to more than 20 meters which is maximum also in the security cameras provided by Smonet.
  • Illumination rating of this 4 CH is 0 Lux and it could be charged by the “DC12V-1000mA” power supply.



The “Smonet 4 CH Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” is excellent resistor to extreme weather conditions. It has capability to record HD video of 720P quality both at day time and night time as well. In addition to this, 24/7 live video recording is also available in this camera and it is also supported by other mini digital devices like tabs, smartphones, laptops and etc. The addition of the motion detection function is also the great advantage of this camera.

Along with having several advantages this, this camera has also certain drawbacks such as it cannot record audio and audio recording is the most desired feature of the users. The other disadvantage of this camera is that the camera is not a “battery powered camera” and in case of interruption in the electricity supply, the live footage could not be seen.


The Smonet Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera comes around $300 depending from which seller you buy it. If you wand to check it on Amazon here.

Trivision outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

The second camera which has been selected for the evaluation purpose is “Trivision outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” manufactured by the Trivision company. This camera has following features:

  • The feature which has been advanced in this camera is the resolution of its night vision camera which has been increased to 2 Megapixels.  
  • The video quality of this camera is 1080P which higher than Smonet 4 CH and it is also considered as full HD video.
  • The increase in the focal length to 4mm, addition of the wide angel lenses such as 50° of vertical angle and 90° of horizontal angle has increased the range of this outdoor security camera.
  • Infrared night vision of this camera is up to 60ft.
  • Motions sensors, quick mobile alerts, email notifications are the additional features of this camera along with having motion sensor and DVR card.
  • FTP server, addition of the Dropbox feature and function of auto uploading of clips to email are also unique features of this camera.
  • In order to store offsite footages “Blue Iris ONVIF NVR” has been installed in this camera.


The benefit of this camera is that it has provided free app service to smart devices like smartphones, IOS and tabs. Furthermore, the quick notification service through message alerts, email alerts and motion sensors has increased the efficiency of this camera. In addition to this it is easy to install, its app has no subscription fee and it provided free lifetime support.


This camera has connection issues, whenever a network setting changed then it requests connection settings again, and video recording capability of this camera is in-stable as its visuals sometimes view as blur.


Hte TriVision Outdoor security Camera comes around $120. Check it on Amazon here if you are interested.

Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

The third camera which has been selected for the evaluation purpose is “Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” and it is considered as the most affordable security cameras in the category of night vision outdoor security cameras. It has following features:

  • The video quality of this camera is 1080P and it has potential to capture videos and footages from far places with high resolution and high quality.
  • The unique feature of this camera is that it could be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes.
  • Arlo Pro 2 is totally a wire-free and installation of this camera is easiest than other oudoor security cameras.
  • Arlo Pro 2 has also rechargeable battery which also make it different from other cameras and it also ensured 24/7 online footages and visuals.
  • Arlo Pro 2 also has “built in 2-way audio” which provide audio recording as well along with the video recording.


The biggest advantage of this cam is that it is afforded, wire-free, and audio supported camera which has provided Arlo Pro 2 a unique advantage over other cameras in same category. The video quality of this camera is stable, wider and it has also advanced “motion detection technology” which improve the video performance of the camera. The other main advantage of this camera is that it works with Amazon Alexa.


The trouble shooting issues of this camera are common whenever this camera is mounted and only experts could resolve this issue which is the biggest drawback of this camera. The provided battery of this camera is not reliable and various issues has been observed over the life of the battery.


The Arlo Pro 2 Outdoor camera comes at price of around $246-$739 depending how many camera systems you are buying. The cameras come at discount of 30% on Amazon. Check them here.

FOSCAM Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

The fourth outdoor security camera which has been selected is the “Foscam Outdoor Night Vision Security Cameras” these cameras are also known as HD, high resolution and excellent video quality cameras. Following are the main features of this camera:

  • Due to high resolution lenses this camera has wide range of recording, footages and coverage even when these cameras installed in wider areas also.
  • The “Foscam Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” is also considered as digital video camera due to the addition of the HD and high-quality color lenses.
  • In order to provide 24/7 live coverage Foscam has installed built-in web server in the camera.
  • Foscam has provided access to smartphones and IOS through QR sticker which is a unique and different feature introduced by Foscam
  • This Foscam IP Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera is well equipped with 30 high powered IR LEDs for night vision up to 65ft.

Whenever the motion is detected then it will send optional alerts. Video can also be recorded for free to a micro SD card or hard drive. For remote storage, Foscam Cloud service is also available.


The power of the lenses, and IR LEDs of this camera is higher than all other cameras and due to this it provides high-quality and digital footage even at night. The introduction of the optical alerts in the cameras in case of any motion makes this camera more unique.  The smart technology has used in this camera and such as infusion of advanced WDR.


The only drawback of this is that it has disconnection issues, it usually disconnects from network automatically.  


Foscam HD come at price lower than $70, check it on Amazon here.

SANSCO Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera

The fifth camera which has been selected for the evacuation purpose is “SANSCO Outdoor Night Vision Security Camera” and it has following significant features.

  • SANSCO has introduced “4-Channel 1080N DVR 4x Super HD 1MP” in its Outdoor Cameras.
  • The design of this camera is unique and 1TB HDD.
  • The video quality of this camera is more like natural colors due to the installation of the 1MP resolution of the lenses which have been used in this camera.
  • It has notification alert system due to the smart motion detector.


It is easy to install, it has higher video quality with natural colors, it has advanced notification alerts system and SANCO has managed “Easy Video Backup “facility in his SANSCO Outdoor Night Vision Camera. This camera is a good resistor of weather as well.


The issues like instability and unreliability are common in this camera and interruption in recordings happen mostly.


The SANSCO Night Vision Cameras comes at two different options. The HD version which is 1080p FHD and slightly more at $170 expensive than the normal which is $119.99. You can find then on Amazon UK here.

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