Best 10 Thermal Scopes for Hunting

Thermal optics is considered as thermal image producers rather than cameras. The principle function of these thermal optics are to detect the heat radiation as the body temperature of any living being is higher than it surrounding. The scopes of this thermal optics detect radiation and provides image. The whole process doesn’t need any kind of light. That’s why these thermal optics scopes can work best in night as well. This article presents the detailed analysis of the top 15 thermal optics scopes that are highly effective and attractive for hunter and provide high quality performance. This article also explains pros and cons of these thermal optics.

1. ATN ThOR HD 640

There are only limited numbers of companies that offer thermal optics. One of the best company is ATN. So, this equipment is sponsored by ATN. It provides full HD thermal scope. The standards that are followed by this specific thermal scope are resolution power of 640 plus a huge variety of reticle’s range. It has number of pallet choices that provides a customer various color scheme. By this equipment a hunter can see in a quite densest fog or in rain. The HD power of this thermal optics ranges from 5x to 50x. It is available under $4000.

  • It provides sensor that gives excellent performance of image i.e. 640*480.
  • It detects heat energy rather than light or photons. Due to which hunter can easily watch in darkness
  • It has ballistic calculator which perfectly calculates projection of bullet. It helps to target the aim exactly. By the help of this ballistic calculator the shot placement and point of impact can be adjusted.
  • The equipment contains smart rangefinder which is build-in it. It overcomes trouble shooting and improves the skills of hunter while hunting.
  • It contains high resolution video recording feature which makes it unique in its own way.

Ballistic calculator reduces the complications of shooting.  Its Magnetometer of 3D makes it unique.

It’s highly expensive. Despite of high prices its battery power is only 8 hrs.

You can find on Amazon here or buy it from Optics Planet here.

2. Trail XP 1.6

This equipment is sponsored by Pulsar. IRIS technology has been installed in it due to which recognition and detection software has been enhances.  Its price range is from $3000 to $4000. This equipment provides accuracy and power.

  • The magnification power of this equipment ranges from 2 to 13x while its high resolution power varies from 640*480.
  • It has a unique detection power which is about 2000 yards.
  • It gives the feature that you can send your video to any external device.

It provides vivid image and attractive clarity.  It has dual power to resist fog and water. It provides running power of 8 hrs. It offers additional battery feature that sums up and provides a battery power up to 20 hrs.

It provides only 2 options for hot color such as black and white

You can find it on Amazon here or OpticsPlanet here.

3. TEO Reap-IR

It is sponsored by Trijicon. This brand is famous for its lovable equipment which provides best quality. It is one of the market competitive equipment. The resolution power of this thermal optics is about 640*480. The zoom in power is about 2.5 to about 20x. Because of this range of zoom in power this equipment is considered quite versatile. Its price range is around $8k

  • The Reap-IR is installed in it which provides lot of power because of its small and lightweight optics.
  • It’s integrated with rangefinder.
  • There is reader installed in it which show where is reticle actually is pointed.
  • All the options can be controlled easily by using thumb stick.

It’s very easy to use and can survive any type of extreme environment. It has digital reticle scale which is used for adjustment while this scale provides x-y position of target and makes the device easy to use.

It has low battery power plus it also provide reticle options in only black and white hot spot. The eye protector rubber flanges comes out while using.

You can find it on Amazon here or OpticsPlanet here.

4. Armasight Zeus

This equipment is sponsored by Armasight. It is manufactured by FLIR. FLIR are one of the best manufactures in industry and provides unique design and high quality thermal detectors. It is available under $5000.

  • It contains FLIR camera for which uses thermal imaging process.
  • It has 3 years money back warranty.
  • It’s one of the unique feature is to provide external power availability and a hunter can record its videos in a video recorder box.

One of its best quality is that it is quite light in weight and compact. It offers numbers of reticle patterns. Digital video recorder makes it more unique. It has real time mechanism because of this mounting and demounting is very easy

It consumes lot of battery. A hunter has to keep one spare battery with him all the time. It doesn’t provide any automatic rangefinder.

You can find on Amazon here or at OpticsPlanet here.

5. Armasight Predator

It is introduced by Armasight. This equipment is perfect example of quality. It has 22 rifle shooters which attracts hunter. It is available under $2000.

  • It also contains thermal imaging camera.
  • It has FLIR detector which makes hunting more attractive and comfortable.
  • One of the latest technology is being used in this equipment which is FLIR core technology of uncooled micron.
  • It provides a unique feature if video output and OLED display of high quality.

It facilitates with dual color mode feature. The menu display is very much easy to use. It gives resolution power of about 800*600. The high quality lens enables it to view in dark, foggy and snowy condition.

Because of its low price its constructive material is not that good plus hunter cannot use it for a long range.

You can find it on Amazon here.

6. Pulsar Thermion XM 

The Pulsar Thermion XM is a thermal scope that provides high quality performance. It is designed by Pulsar brand. Some of the salient features of thermal scope are listed below:

  • It feature 8 time digital zoom.
  • It has wide range of view that 2500 yards,
  • It has 320×420 resolution
  • It has 30mm objective lens
  • It t has feature of connecting to the smart phone
  • It has built in recording and recoil activation.
  • It has 3 variable electronic reticles
  • It has one-shot zeroing with freeze function.
  • It weigh less than 2 pounds.
  • It is a very versatile thermal scope
  • It is water proof

It is very light in weight that makes it easy to transport. It has special feature of connecting to smart phones that facilitate user with effective view. It has good magnification that offer clarity moreover it has wide field of view.

It is quite expensive thermal scope.

You can find it on OpticsPlanet here.

7. Pulsar Core RXQ30V

It is also designed by Pulsar. This product is integrated by using IRIS technology. It is light is weight and easily portable. It is resistant to change in environmental conditions. It has unique design and available in between $1k to $2k.

  • Because of Iris technology the detection power and image recognition is very much increased.
  • It has a resolution power of about 384*288.
  • It is very much resistant to water.
  • It uses AMOLED display screen.

It has digital zooms which are quite unique. It works on 3 operation modes which are rocks, identification and forest.

It has low battery life.

You can find it on Amazon here, or on OpticsPlanet here.

8. Pulsar Helion XQ

The Pulsar Helion XQ is a thermal night scope that is considered to be best option for civilian as it’s quite easy to use. It has 4 time digital zoom. It is designed by Pulsar Company. The salient feature of thermal scope is listed below:

  • It has thermal detection of about 2000 yards.
  • It has 8 GB on board memory card for video recording.
  • It is waterproof
  • It has built in Wi Fi feature.
  • It has fast refresh rate of about 50 Hz.
  • It is frost resistant.
  • It comes with 8 hrs with Rechargeable battery.
  • It has 384×288 resolutions.
  • It is dust proof.
  • It has 17 um pixel pitch core.

The unique feature that makes it best option for buyers are fog resistant, dust resistant, waterproof, large field of view and high quality magnification. Its screen make it suitable for hunting even below 25 degrees.

It is quite expensive.

You can find it on Amazon here, or EuregioHunt here.

9. ATN ThOR 4 Thermal Rifle Scope

It is manufactured by ATN. This company is known for its best choice of designs. It comes with an amazing cost. It’s very much economical for all type of hunters. This scope offers number of features with very reasonable cost. It is available in only $1500.

  • It contains ultra-sensitive sensor of next Gen which makes this equipment capable of high quality images and it also improves resolution power of the device.
  • It also contains ballistic calculator. This enables this equipment to hunt at a longer range. This calculator enables the hunter to determine temperature, humidity and angle of target.
  • One of its best feature is RAV which is known as recoil activated video. Because of this feature the hunters just have to aim the target and all the stuff is controlled by it.
  • It can work up to 18hrs.

It has high resolution and highly durable. It has excellent functionality while its high battery power is its plus point.

It is quite technical for newly hunters as it is somehow difficult to use.


You can find it on Amazon here.

10. ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

This product is manufactured by ATN. It is also light in weight. It is quite reasonable with respect to price. It has very reasonable battery timing. It facilitates the seller with tactical flash light and tactical pen set with waterproof case. It is available in the range of about $2k. It’s available in black color.

  • It has a magnification power of about 3x to 6x.
  • It has multiple reticles.
  • Its battery life is about 10+ straight hrs.
  • It is very much weather resistant.

One its best point is its battery which is quite long lasting as compared to other thermal scopes of this price.  It has 3D accelerometer. It contains multiple reticle patterns.

None! 🙂

You can buy directly at the manufacturer ATN here.